Ezy Reading: Ten scary links to surf this Halloween…

Evan Kanarakis

1) Read about the history of Halloween:

History of Halloween

2) Get a tip on a spooky flick:

Spooky Flicks

3) Some tacky homemade costume ideas sure to make your special someone the most teased kid on the block (anyone to go trick-or-treating as a basket of laundry?!?):

Halloween Costumes

4) Learn how to carve a pumkin:

Carving a pumpkin

5) Serve up a decapitated ‘meathead’ for dinner:

Halloween Recipe

6) Read Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow:

The Sleepy Hollow

7) Visit Salem, Massachusetts, home of the American Halloween Festival:

Salem, Massachusetts

8) Check out some ghost photographs:

Ghost Photographs

9) Halloween is still subject to security risks:

Halloween Security Risks

10) Send someone a Halloween e-card:

Halloween Ecards


Update August 2011: A suggestion from Linda, a teacher in Delaware (by way of one of her students, Steven), is that another great Halloween resource worth checking out can be found HERE. It's definitely a great site- thanks Linda and Steven!

Update October 2014!: Our thanks to Andrew for sending on this great link to the Salem Witch Trials which you can find HERE. Thanks, Andrew!

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