Ezy Reading: Now At Last

Evan Kanarakis

They say timing is everything
But this watch seems broken

He was wary to expose his soul again
These flames can burn
But we all give into shining promise

Love’s embrace was sweet
And fleeting
Her heart always on the crest of that next hill

He’d tasted of this poison far too much before
One had truly loved another
One had truly loved career
And one had a family that beckoned her home

He never made a misstep
Made the right decision always
Bowing out with kind words and polite farewell
To release them

Grace and wisdom are character strengths
Yet ‘honour’ can still ring bitter
And provides no such satisfaction as to mend a broken heart

So he ached again over loss
Pondered when these chances might visit him no more
And if pain now closed his heart too much

He’d once been told the universe never grants for hope
So to weep on timing was the all and the nothing that remained

Ezy Reading is enjoying the New England summer…