Ezy Reading:
Evan Kanarakis


They started talking
Not long after we rolled out
Leaving South Station behind
Creaking on the rails
Bound for home

I closed my eyes
Already weary
Before this journey began
Long days had consumed me
Stolen me away into a wandering blur

“I know you love someone else”
She spoke softly, full of grief
I opened my eyes- where was this ghost?
This voice resigned
To an awful truth?

“I do love someone else”
He replied
Also a voice broken
Of a man torn inside
Victim to his own failures

Somewhere in this carriage
Rows ahead of me
Sight unseen
Two lives unraveled
As the train rumbled on

A conversation
Not meant for me
So from this sadness
I searched for sleep
And soon, it came

Cheerless dreams
Now occupied my mind
Broken heart memories
From my youth
From a buried past

Hours later
I awoke
To an empty carriage
Free of melancholy souls
And spectral conversations

I wondered if their hearts
Had been repaired
Or remained broken
I was haunted by this tragic couple
As I exited the train


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