Ezy Reading:
Evan Kanarakis

We shuffle out into blinding white light,
half asleep and squinting.
Stern souls in blue coats direct us
down a long blue carpet hallway
as I search my pockets for a blue book.
And wonder what time it is back home. 


This room we’ve reached is vast.
All tributaries must lead here,
for a multitude of faces spill in.
More blue coats bark orders.
I nod, meekly and join another lemming queue
while my spine, it plays accordion.


This line of yawners move slowly.
All this snaking left and right
might send me back to sleep
but for the jarring thud of stamps ahead
and an argument somewhere to my rear
that makes the blue coats restless. 


The man in the booth-
he looks pensive.
Yet after brief appraisal
of my papers
“Welcome, Sir”
means I am in.

I feel relief
but know not why.
The way through was never in doubt,
yet the mood in here is tense.
Large crowds
can feel like a powder keg on short fuse. 


Into another vast room,
more blinding white light.
Just beyond, friends beckon.
I know I should feel peace to be at journey’s end
But all I do is wonder
what time it is back home. 


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