Ezy Reading: The In Between

Evan Kanarakis

In the forest, not far from here
Locals stroll at sunset in search of retreat
Dusty trails disappear into the trees
Lead us away into leafy isolation

The rest of the world soon becomes a forgotten memory
As the wilderness closes in
Peace lives here, but rarely quiet
Robins and Blue Jays maintain a choral song
The bracken shift as the rodents scurry
Off in the distance, deer are on the move
The oak and pine speak too, in creaking shifts and groans
While the dead leaves crunch underfoot

I crane my neck for the silences in between
It’s odd I’m drawn to search for empty moments
They come in fits and starts
Last for but an instant
There’s something wondrous in that silence
Yet it unnerves me, too
With but a step I could break it all
But still I stand, frozen
Waiting, listening, on that dusty, lonely trail

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