Ezy Reading: The Joyous Malcontent

Evan Kanarakis

'Twas but a confrontation common to the daily grind,
The kind of exchange that runs through you and floats away
Emotion involved to be sure

But never taken to heart
But never breaking spirit

Not always forgotten
Yet easily forgiven
Gamesmanship and role'playing, almost expected more than provoked

But never like this
But never with such malice

And, of course, things may be implied
They inevitably are
And make you wonder. Just a little

But never sowed such hateful seeds
But never affected and afflicted the demeanour so

Many a true word is said in jest, 'tis fact
And guilty we've been of treading close to that line
Teetering on the edge, not always biting one's tongue

But never reacted like this
But never allowed it to go so far

So a drink will not provide solace here today
Though five may do
For it was I that took something away from her here this very day
And for the words I've spoken my guilt, nay my regret is clear yet only almost felt, but for one thing...

Because ne'er has one's pain brought this malcontent such satisfaction
Because never, but never, have I been so at peace