Ezy Reading: Ten Random Thoughts From Super Bowls Past (as watched in Australia)…

Evan Kanarakis

1. Adam Vinatieri has ice in his veins.

2. There’s something incredibly wrong and yet somewhat satisfying that while your friends are at work you’re sitting in a bar at 9am on a Monday morning getting stinking drunk and waiting for the satellite feed of the game to kick in…

3. Post-victory pub crawl down George Street and it’s not even three p.m. Messy…

4. Tom Brady is a freak.

5. The Buffalo Bills are about the unluckiest team to make it to consecutive Super Bowls I’ve ever seen.

6. Drunk dial America now, deal with the bill along with your hangover tomorrow.

7. Alcohol and big game excitement may encourage you to make friends with strangers in the Cheers Bar. Remember that these people may want to try and stab you. It’s the Cheers Bar.

8. No matter how excited you are that the Pats just won for the third time in four years, after a day already mixed with beer, vodka and tequila, shots of Jagermeister are not a good idea.

9. Why is it that cocky Yankees fans can appear out of nowhere even in Sydney and still think they have something worth saying on a day when their city and sport isn’t even represented in the game?

10. Tuesday could be a tough proposition.

Yes it’s a somewhat limited effort this week, but hey- it’s Super Bowl weekend! Ezy Reading is out every Monday.