Ezy Reading:
On To North Station
Evan Kanarakis

It shouldn’t mean this much- but it does
An inherited family tradition

In the greater scheme
This is small stuff
Yet I’m bothered, all the same

End of an era?
That remains to be seen

These giants don’t know me-
Though I’ve helped line their pockets
No doubting that

But you could see it in their eyes
Last night
This was about something more

A lifetime of sacrifices
Of pain and ceaseless expectations
All given up for one fleeting chance

At least they’ve drunk
From the victor’s cup
Once before

That tempers some
This sting
Of Defeat

But in years to come
We’ll look back
On something that was special- won or lost

Reminisce about their glories
While drawn back into the prospects
Of what new faces may bring

As we recommit
Reinvest of ourselves
Denying better judgment

And again take to it
At what is only but a game



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