Ezy Reading: December 29th, 4.30pm

Evan Kanarakis


Is it possible to overdose on home?
Overdo it
Overwork this glee
And exhaust myself with too much joy?


When does gluttony begin?
So many drinks
So many meals
So very much of this good thing
I’m weary and yet I’ve naught to show

But amid the morning fogs there is something, no?
Wry smiles of that night before
The gladdened heart warmed up by familiarity
The end of longing
And the hum of contentment


When must it end?
Yes, it must, my body is failing
Besides, there’s nothing left to fund this with
And I can’t let home spoil


Oh, I’ve overdosed on home
Not enough to tire of these sights and sounds
Not even close
And I’ll wince the moment I’ve turned
But here it is and shall forever remain


Ezy Reading has been on an extended holiday but will be back to business and weekly outings in mid-January!