Ezy Reading: Makin’ Sense


So take a look now at the land Down Under
It’s all hit the fan we’ve been cast asunder
Troops in the Gulf and children overboard
Lies and corporate greed and crooks are on the Wheat Board

It’s all a bit much for the average Aussie punter
All we want’s a cold beer; enjoy the summer
Easy going folks who just wanna’ kick back
Watch the green and gold give the Kiwis another heart attack

But times they change and how they’ve changed right now
Things aren’t makin’ sense in the here and now
We’ve spent too long with our heads in the sand
So put that shit down ‘cause it’s time we made a stand

This nation wasn’t built on contempt and flat out lies
But they’re killing our spirit right in front of our eyes
This ain’t another anthem, or some bullshit rant
I am, you are, we are- I say fuck that!

These traitors aren’t like us, they’re of a different mould
But they’re sending us over trenches like in days of old
God damn ‘em I’m an Aussie, politics it ain’t my fix
But if it’s time to speak then check this:

John Howard
You fuckin’ coward
Now let’s not fuck about
Why did you sell us out?

Where’s the real truth in what we’re looking at?
When all I can see is this dirty Liberal rat
Likens himself to an important world leader
But he’s getting played off as a no-name bottom feeder

And when he’s done dropping loads with all of our money
The landscape will be littered with Australian dead bodies

Now I said it before- this ain’t me
There’s lots of other places that I’d rather be
Talkin’ ‘bout thugs is not a favourite occupation
Chillin’ on the beach is my preferred preoccupation

But it’s time he paid heed to the words of the people
Because P.M who won’t listen – it’s beyond feeble
It’s a disrespect that put us on the butcher’s block
And when the options came knocking, he chose Dubya’s cock

When did honesty become too much to ask?
So that East Timor’s oil is getting pumped up his ass
Give us a leader we’d find it an honour to meet
Give us a leader punters can love like they love our athletes

Remember all that’s gone wrong with this self-righteous cock
Remember all that he’s done when you hit the ballot box
Let’s clear Australia’s conscience, fix what’s broke
Then go back to those cricket and beers – when our pride no more a joke

‘Makin’ Sense’ is to be the debut single from new Aussie hip hop artist L.M.B. Ezy Reading is out every Monday.