Ezy Reading:
Poplar Bluff, MO
Evan Kanarakis


Peeking over the back of his chair
The Young Boy started making goofy faces
Giggling as he worked through every twisted visage
Pausing only to wipe sticky barbecue sauce from his lips
(smearing it further across his cheeks)
Through it all
Despite his best efforts
The Old Man remained silent
No response
No expression
But undeterred: yet more faces
Tongue out, wagging
Scowls and bug-eyed expressions
Tugging at the corners of his mouth
Until it hurt
Snarling teeth exposed
But still
Nothing from the Old Man
Suddenly, a yank at the Young Boy’s collar from Dad
And the show was over

Dejected, he sat back in his chair
Back to a table of ribs and corn and biscuits and more ribs
No applause for this show, it seemed
With one last glance back over his shoulder
He pondered the frosty audience
The Old Man leered
A chill passed through the Young Boy
This man was stone
Could he not recognize talent?
Acknowledge ‘funny’?
But then- a glisten in the Old Man’s eyes
He broke a smile
Offered a wink
Before returning to his own meal
It was all the budding performer needed
He knew it
(even if Dad didn’t)
Those faces were pure entertainment
Worthy of many a show
And beloved by cheering crowds
In every restaurant and diner
Across Butler County


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