Ezy Reading: Qui Cherche Trouve

Evan Kanarakis

If you ask me
I’ll admit I would like to go the extra mile
Across the way there’s sunshine on that peak ahead.

But see it isn’t fear
It’s just wanting to be sure
Because there’s no way back without getting lost.

And yet-
From this vantage
It’s too far for anyone to know
It’s too far to guarantee I can make it to my destination.

Wasted time-
Lost in hope and empty words
I own a fate well within my own control
And bodies litter the ground here just as in the abyss I’m sure.

So forward-
There’s no choice
Onward I must, I need to go
Set foot into the unknown and embrace this journey.

Truth, and not a dream-
It is honesty will keep me moving
And should the thicket blanket me in darkness
There are other voices here. Of shared miseries we shall sing.

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