Ezy Reading:


Ezy Reading:
Belle Glade, FL
Evan Kanarakis


Here in Muck City
We grow the cane
And pro footballers
Which is pretty much
All you need know
-that, and
I was never much good at football-
So I work the fields
Keep the boy fed
And my wife
(mostly) happy

From October to April
The air turns foul
And ash rains down
That’s when we burn the crops
But I tell ya’
May to September
I can still smell
Those damned fires- the smoke, it stays with you
We burn through the generations down here
Like father like son
See, he was never much good at football, neither

Can’t always get my head around it:
This is how I’ll see through the years
There’s honor
In these callused hands –I know that
Just thought I’d beat the cane
Maybe there was something else
I coulda’ done
The wife rolls her eyes when I say that
The boy, too.
Let’s just see next year
If he makes the team


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