Your Mockroscope For The Month

Lazy Eye


Sagittarius – The double dutch bus, the magic school bus, the partridge family bus. Busses have been vehicles for transporting social messages for millennia. Why not catch a bus next time you need to lead a major social change.

Capricorn – When you’re next buying your groceries, start a conga line behind a stranger.

Aquarius – What has caused the greatest amount of destruction in the history of the world, the bubonic plague or the hit television show the Kardashians?

Pisces – Sick of the corporate life? Get neck tattoos!

Aries – Nightclub promoters will often have ‘white parties’ where all guests dress in all white. Was apartheid-era South Africa the worlds biggest white party?

Taurus – If the lack of common sense and common courtesy is resulting in common behaviour, make yourself a rarity.

Gemini – Are you a ‘late laugher?’ Fucking stop it! It shits the rest of us! ...Hahaha

Cancer – There’s a social equation that is yet to be confirmed. How many o’s are there in ‘sooo good’ before you need to use another adjective?

Leo – Some use alcohol to drink themselves to sleep, others to give them courage. What are you going to use alcohol for this month?

Virgo – If the lottery produces more dreams or millionaires, what have you been dreaming about?

Libra – What social production line creates the most outliers: sport, the arts, academia or prison?

Scorpio – Want to fit in? Create a Mensa-inspired group for people with high emotional IQ.