Your Mockroscope For The Month

Lazy Eye


Virgo – If necessity is the mother of invention, what's the stepson? This month, complete your necessary genogram.

Libra – Lady Libras, can you make a hard-edged guy soften, or make a lazy guy give up his seat on the bus? 

Scorpio – There are many fish in the sea of online dating, unfortunately most are flounders.

Sagittarius – You need to focus on your studies this month and answer this simple question: "If you have a doppelgänger, can it be considered identity theft?"

Capricorn – Fact! Books can only be divided into two categories, domestic and wild. The next time you finish a book, release it into the wild. Remember that literature survives better in its natural environment.

Aquarius – Everybody needs to belong. Try and create the collective noun, respectively, for Swedish meatballs, used tires and bludgers.


Pisces – Question n’ thought. How is it possible for a ball to have a flat surface?

Aries – Next time you ask a friend if they farted, be prepared for "NO"!

Taurus – When you're in need of help to calm your mind, just ask yourself this, "Do I have any idea how many ideas are out there?"

Gemini – Prepared statements can also double as public service announcements. Remember this the next time you have to give a presentation at your local high school.

Cancer – Gentleman Cancerians, let’s see how good you are with the ladies. Can you make a shy girl confident, or a can you give a young girl the wisdom not to use “like” as a comma?

Leo – Get more in touch with nature and listen to the wind… you might be surprised at what you hear.