Poetry From The Cud:
Two Poems
Shannara Gillman


Humanity From 10,000 Feet

As the planes dips and curves over the city below
All at once I am struck by the ingenuity and progress
Represented by the cars and the houses and the roads
Struck by the imagination and wonder
Which served as the catalyst for their creation
Struck by the flaws and foibles
Which inevitably occur in everything human beings touch
Perfect in their imperfection



Queen Anne’s Lace

Bees busily gathering pollen from Queen Anne’s Lace
White stars amid green grass fallen from grace
The shape of crows overhead
Flowers pink and berries red
Bathouses posted neatly in a row
Smooth rocks over which raging waters flow
Bees busily gathering pollen from Queen Anne’s Lace


 Shannara Gillman is a Mom, dog owner, and benevolent dictator of her tiny domain (ie the kid and the dog). The benevolent part is subject to change if you keep whining and slamming doors.