May 2011 - Poetry From The Cud:
Who Am I
Amber Wiers

What lies beneath me, isn't on the surface
It takes time to find me, who I truly am
What I truly have to offer, it may seem like so little
But once you know me, I have so much to offer

A helping hand, I never leave somebody behind,
People see me as a nuisance, but I'm just myself and it's not bad
I'm a challenge to understand, and few do but everybody could, it just takes time and people need a challenge in life
I believe my purpose on earth, isn't to have people understand me, but to understand other people
Not everybody is up for the challenge, but the people who were, tell me constantly it was always worth it
And people think they know me, without saying hi, just seeing me in the halls they know me, that's the surface image
There's such a great person in myself

I am open to people who want me in their lives for good, and treat me for what I'm worth
I don't waste time on people who make a joke out of me
People who decide not to take me seriously, and use me
People who think I'm just a loser
Those are the people who will never know
Truly know what they missed out on

Someone who gives a second chance when no one else will
A person who will never judge on actions, but rather the reasons
And that is what I have to offer you
That is who I am


Amber Wiers is a middle school student from Freeport, Maine. May is National Neurofibromatosis Awareness and Brain Tumor Awareness month- Amber has both.

For more information on each please visit the Children's Tumor Foundation at: