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In Response To Margaret Court

How very refreshing to hear from a (clearly knowledgable and informed) priest in response to Margaret Court's hatefulness. So much of the publicity surrounding her words did, I fear, more to spread her hate than curb it. This article was, however, exactly what was needed. Thank you.
Fremantle, WA


Rev. Ericksson is correct: ignorance is the key word at play here. I consider myself a devout Christian, but there is nothing in what Margaret Court had to say that, to me, was 'Christian' at all. Religious views come in many forms, and sometimes those words are narrow-minded, archaic and, again, ignorant. I refuse to listen to those that preach intolerance and hate.
Brisbane, QLD


There And Back: Sideshow Alley

Great photos! Now does anyone else feel like a Dagwood Dog??
Orange, NSW