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Four Brief Secular Holiday Essays
I had a good chuckle reading Mr. Fitzpatrick’s festive (yet secular) writings. A welcome change to some of the fluff we see out there each season!
Austin, TX


Ezy Reading: Jerome, Iowa
Whether Jerome, Iowa or small-town Louisiana where I grew up, Evan’s poem really resonated with me and my own childhood experiences. Thank you for the thought provoking words!
Los Angeles, CA


Japanese Garden
Too many Aussies have forgotten about the history of our POW camps during World War II and, in particular, of the Cowra Breakout. Credit to Mr. Smith for keeping this history alive.
Dubbo, NSW

Having visited the Japanese gardens in Cowra, my credit to Tony Smith for perfectly evoking the beauty and serene quiet of the place- a true gem!
Luke G
Newcastle, NSW